MidBoh Pricing Structure

SEO “Ad hoc“:

SEO work is currently charged at the rate of $80 / hour. An outline of the tasks undertaken is on Our Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) Method page. In addition we ensure the following boxes are ticked.

  • Search engine submission (if required)
  • Enable monitoring to track and ensure website availability.
  • Creation of Google Analytics account (if required)
  • Establish logging facilities (if required)

Around 8 hours is required for most smaller sites. Depending on the level of keyword competition, subsequent phases may be required.

Every site is different. Contact us to discuss your situation.

PPC Campaigns:

  • Initial setup: $750
  • PPC expenditure (paid to PPC provider, e.g. Google). The expected expenditure per quarter is the quarterly advertising budget.
  • Ongoing fee: 15% of quarterly advertising budget or $75 per quarter (whichever is the greater). Fees are payable quarterly in advance.


  • All stated prices included GST
  • Prices are current for 2010
  • We believe SEO benefits PPC Campaigns by producing more and cheaper clicks. We won’t manage a PPC campaign unless it is combined with an SEO makeover
  • PPC Campaign pricing assumes maximum 30 primary keywords / key phrases, which may be supplemented by location variations.
  • Fees for ad hoc work are generally payable in arrears. However for new clients and / or for larger projects, an instalment of between 20% and 50% is required in advance.