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Social Media Advice

As discussed elsewhere on this site (The role of Social Media in SEO) and in our blog (The MidBoh Blog), Social Media plays a multifaceted role linking from an organisation to its "customers". These facets range from the link value contributing to search engine rank and the value of peer discussions on the product or services.

It is likely most organisations, will be referenced in Social Media networks sooner or later. These references can be positive as well as negative. Monitoring for social references is probably essential for all organisation. But Social Media also represents an opportunity to engage potential and current customers and provide information about products and services as well as answer questions.

Which of the the social networks are important for your market?
How can you spread the word about your business / products?
What is being said about my organisation?

MidBoh can help provide answers to these questions. Why not contact us so we can discuss your situation.

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