All you ever wanted to know about MidBoh Web Services

About MidBoh

MidBoh is the partnership between Chris Faber of Midrange Services and Andy Griffiths of Bohra Computer Services.

Chris and Andy have combined experience in the IT industry of more than 40 years. Originally, we grew up with the IBM Midrange market, where we honed our skills building traditional database applications for a variety of organisations as employees and more recently as contractors.

Around Y2K we were asked to develop a web application to extract data from an iSeries database and present it in a browser. This exposed us to a new environment which we have wholeheartedly embraced.

Since that first flirtation with the web, we have extended our knowledge of domain registration process and web hosting. Now we specialise in optimising websites for the search engines.

Our experience in web technologies, built on a foundation forged in the more traditional computing industry, makes us very confident of our ability to help customers establish and expand their web presence at a reasonable cost. Let us assist you safely negotiate the minefield which is the web.