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Domain Name

So what is a domain name?

A domain name is used to identify a website on the internet. Each name must be unique and must not exceed 67 characters. You see them everywhere –,, etc.

How do I get a domain name?

There are a number of registrars (the organisations responsible for allocating the domain names), who will “rent” or “license” you a domain. Domains are usually rented for not less than 12 months, but in some cases they can be rented for 5 years or longer. Midboh is not a registrar, but we can help you to acquire your own domain name, either by giving you details of registrars suitable for your needs or registering the domain name for you. If we do the registration, the domain name remains yours and we will provide you with all the necessary information so that you retain full access and control over it.

What does it cost to get a domain name?

For most customers we recommend securing the domain name for 2 years. The price will vary from time to time, but currently the price for an Australian domain is less than A$30 for 2 years. Australian domains are anything that end in .au. This includes, and For companies and organisations targetting the Australian market place, an Australian domain is strongly recommended.

What domain name should I choose and is it available?

The first question is not always easy to answer. The domain should be easy to remember and identify the company or product to which it relates. is a great domain name, is probably not a great domain name (unless you are familiar with the Australian Customs Service).

Most registrars provide a domain name checking service on their websites. This can be used to check if a domain name is currently allocated. This is more reliable than putting the domain name into your browser to see if a website is displayed. We can check the availability of any names you are considering. But remember, just because it’s available today doesn’t mean it will be available tomorrow.