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Need help with web placement?

Does your business rely on being found in the major search engines? Is there an opportunity to add to your revenue by tapping into this resource?

MidBoh has the strategies to help you achieve significant placement in most search engines. We don’t promise specific results (anyone who does may be either foolish or deceitful), but we can promise to use the best of the available ethical methods for achieving good results for your web pages.

Along the way, we will also advise you on the best way to ensure your pages conform to relevant standards (including accessibility).

How will you optimise my site?

By using appropriate ethical methods (sometimes referred to as “white hat methods”*). So what does this mean exactly? If you want to know the full steps we will undertake, please check out our article on SEO Method.

* “White hat methods” are those encouraged and supported by the major search engines and proven successful over a period of time by many reputable experts in this field. Any other methods, often referred to as “black hat”, may jeopardise long term success and are not worth the risk.

Why don’t I just pay Google for a sponsored link?

Here are number of reasons why this may not be your most effective option:

  • Paying Google for placement only helps you in Google. But what about the potential customers who use Yahoo or NineMsn?
  • Everyone sees your link as a sponsored link, some will bypass your link on principle because they interpret it as advertising. When you use a search engine, do you follow the sponsored links?
  • It only works while you pay for it. Once your limit is reached, your sponsored links stop appearing.
  • It only works for the keywords you pay for. What about the secondary keywords that may be just as relevant to your business? Can you afford to pay for all of them?

Sponsored links may be appropriate as a temporary measure, perhaps during the start of a campaign, but here are my reasons why a more organic approach may be a better alternative:

  • A successful campaign pays dividends in all the major search engines, as most use similar algorithms to determine rankings.
  • Many of the optimising techniques pay dividends in other areas, particularly accessibility.
  • Success can last beyond the campaign period.
  • You can target all your relevant keywords and not incur additional costs.
  • You don’t pay every time someone clicks on your link, even when they don’t intend buying your product / service.

Here’s an interesting thought .. Google modify the cost of the click based on the value of the site. All of the factors used to determine this “value” are shared with the optimising process. So performing optimising on your site while paying google for clicks can lower the cost per click. If this happens you can buy more clicks for the same cost or the same number of clicks for a lower cost. This is very important to anyone who wants to have a bet each way.

Before you make a decision about us maybe you’d like to read What makes us different in which we try to explain how we join with you in improving the results from your website and to give you some background to our pricing attitudes.

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