Improve Your Blogging

2010-03-12 0 By midboh admin

One idea to help your blogging skills

We all know the importance of blogging. We also know a good post when we see it. Perhaps even easier to recognise is a post that just doesn’t make the grade.

I can’t help you much with creativity – where to get that great idea for your next post. I struggle with that as well, so if you have an answer I’d appreciate your feedback. What I can help with is some suggestions on how you can improve the quality of your written material – editing / proofreading.

I know I have a lot of trouble getting my ideas formulated into a blog post. My first attempt is full of spelling and grammar errors, some of which are easily detected just by pasting the post into an application like Microsoft Word that has spell check and grammar tools. Make sure you set the language so the spelling is appropriate for your target audience.

Re-reading the post before you submit is important. If possible get a friend / colleague, whose language skills you trust to read it as well. It’s remarkable what the prospect of a peer review can do to improve the quality of your self-edit. Then there’s the additional value of the second opinion.

Definitely don’t post when you are tired or under the influence of emotions or chemicals. They don’t help your skills.

Writing is done best when you are in the right environment and have access to your favourite tools. Comfortable chair, good lighting, a handy dictionary or thesaurus (online or physical – take your pick) can all make a difference.

These factors can all contribute to improving the quality of each post. Is there something you can do strategically to make the overall quality of your posts improve? You might like to consider two ideas.

Many local community colleges run short courses on writing. These are generally a couple of hours a week for 6 to 10 weeks and aren’t very expensive.

I found reading some “skills” books helpful. For example “How to Self-edit to improve writing skills” by Dianne Bates (Di’s Latest Books) is one such resource. All remaining deficiencies in my writing are not a reflection of the value of the book but of my capacity to implement the strategies.

After that, my best advice is to keep writing and pay attention to any feedback.

NB: I have no financial arrangement with Dianne. I paid full price for the book in a local bookshop and have no expectation of commission or spotter’s fee for any sales attributed to this reference. However, professionally, I would love the opportunity to work on Dianne’s Frame-based website Enterprising Words.

Feel free to contact us offer your suggestions for writing improvements.