Why choose MidBoh to provide Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) for your organisation?

2009-02-21 0 By midboh admin

What makes us different from other SEO “gurus”?

The MidBoh SEO approach

First, we don’t ask you to part with thousands of dollars up front and lock you into a long term contract. We believe SEO is a process that is unique for every organisation and it wouldn’t be fair to ask every organisation to pay exactly the same amount. Our preferred method of working is to assess your current situation and formulate a strategy, which may involve a series of steps with different levels of importance and different costs. We estimate how much work will be involved in each step and give you the option of much you want to spend and when.

As a guide, we will ask for an engagement fee of $70* prior to analysing your website and preparing a quotation. Websites vary, but generally significant improvement can be made from around $300*. Of course, the amount of effort required and therefore the cost for your website will vary. This will be influenced by your current situation, the number of pages on your website, the level of competition in your market and the goals / expectations you have for your website.

We believe SEO is a partnership. We can do most of the technical work, but for best results you need to be involved and responsive to our recommendations. You know your market much better than we do. You know your major competitors. But we know the search engines and how to achieve results.

Our after-sales service.

On your behalf, we will monitor the performance of your website in the three major search engines for the first 3 months. We can continue monitoring beyond that initial period at your request and will be happy to provide a cost for this service.

In addition to site monitoring, we can recommend when further content may be beneficial, such as adding content to existing pages or creating new pages.

If desired, we can procure links to your site from quality sites in related markets. You choose whether to engage us for an hour a month or 10 hours a month. Also you can limit the number of months we undertake this work on your behalf.

The tools we use

To ensure we are able to provide the highest level of service to our customers we have developed as series of tools to assist in the assessment and monitoring of websites. The current list is:

  • Site Surveyor: A website analysis program, which gives your site a pretty thorough once-over. Currently there are over 35 different categories examined. This gives us a good idea what may be required for your website so we can give you an accurate estimate of our costs.
  • Keytracker: A search engine keyword tracker, which we use on a regular basis to monitor the effectiveness of a variety of words and phrases relevant to your website. Dramatic fluctuations in the results for your site (or one of your competitors) are automatically highlighted.
  • As an additional service to customers, we will soon be announcing an “uptime monitor” for your website

Managing AdWords campaigns

We do this on a cost# plus 15% basis, so you decide how much or how little you wish to spend. Our expectation is that following our SEO improvements, you may not require this option at all, but we understand that there are times when AdSense is beneficial, perhaps while waiting for the benefits of the SEO strategy to commence or when you introduce a new product or service.

# Google’s Cost Per Click (CPC).

It is difficult to estimate an actual cost in an AdWords campaign as the Google cost varies depending on the competition for various keywords, just as much as it depends on the level of traffic you wish to generate. Many organisation budget between A$4* and A$10* to achieve their desired results. NB: This amount seems to creep upward by a small percentage every year. After all it is an auction situation and competition always drives the auction price upward.


Our goal is to provide the highest level of service to assist our customers achieve their goals for their websites. We intend to do this on a very cost effective basis, which will allow even smaller organisations to compete with the big end of town.

We are always happy to discuss your SEO needs and provide more information about any aspect of this process. All our contact information is available on the MidBoh contact page.

* Prices were current at Feb 2009.